IT support, IT managed services and IT consulting

IT Support Services

We provide standard hardware and software repairs, troubleshooting and other help desk services to businesses in the Cape Town and Johannesburg areas and throughout South Africa. 

  • Light-speed response. When a help desk order comes in, we can execute services in hours, much faster than our larger competitors. We cut through the usual approval process and its red tape to get faster starts and completion times. Our support process is based on a ticket management system. We constantly monitor the flow of ongoing projects, pending support jobs and new order requests.
  • Hardware replacement or repair. We use only the best-quality hardware in our solutions. We’ve established value-added reseller agreements with importers of all major hardware brands.
  • Software installation. We support brand productivity and line-of-business applications by installing, configuring and testing proprietary software, remotely or onsite.
  • Customized IT support. Our technical support services can be customized to meet your expectations and the challenges of your unique business environment. For example, we can tailor the degree of monitoring, proactive response or up-to-date technology we include in our services.

Avoid expensive, time-consuming do-it-yourself IT support. Our services can minimize business disruption and downtime and get you back to work, fast.

IT Managed Services

When you need ongoing services for network or other IT assets, we offer managed service agreements for a monthly fee.

  • Preventative maintenance. Our support technicians are master troubleshooters, who can find and fix IT infrastructure problems when they occur. But, we also keep our eyes open for system problems and opportunities that you might not see. If we see a problem, we’ll report it immediately and have actionable suggestions if you need them.
  • Remote management and monitoring. We use RMM software to constantly monitor your IT infrastructure.
  • Backup and disaster recovery. Electrical power stoppages and theft can block access to your IT assets when you need them most. Our backup and disaster recovery programs can help protect your servers and valuable corporate information and ensure business continuity when disaster strikes. We base our programs on redundant servers and unique instances of your data backed up to the cloud.
  • Reporting. We provide managed services clients with regular reporting, which includes:
    • - PC and server performance, including resource utilization and load statistics.
    • - Network performance metrics, including resource use and load statistics.
    • - Software updates status, anti-virus updates status and overall health of storage devices.
    • - Warranty status on all equipment.
  • New technical capabilities. Very soon we will be adding VoIP as an additional offering within our suite of services. And, we will add IT infrastructure services such as cabling, networking, and server rack installations.

We deliver flexible, responsive and reasonably priced managed services that enable you to avoid IT management distractions.

IT Consulting and On-Demand Services

We can also provide the specialized knowledge, skills or support you need when you add or change your business’ IT assets

  • IT strategy and consulting. We provide technical advice and consulting services by agreement or on an on-demand basis. When you sign up for consulting services, we can discuss IT roadmaps, where investments need to be made and provide detailed rollout and implementation advice. We can also manage the rollout process on an outsourced basis.
  • Network design and implementation. We also offer innovative network support plans and solutions for network and other IT assets on an advisory basis or on demand. We help you discover where you need to invest, install or update equipment and if you need it, manage the process on an outsourced basis.
  • Vendor transition services. Our vendor transition plan helps your company migrate from your current IT support vendor, internal IT resources, equipment manufacturer or supplier to our infrastructure support framework, quickly and easily.

Discover how our cloud-based services and solutions can grow with your business and help you focus on what really matters‐working with customers and generating revenue.

It may not always be profitable at first for businesses to be online, but it is certainly going to be unprofitable not to be online.

Esther Dyson