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Castle Rock, a seaside pinnacle near Cape Town, is an inspiring place. We used the name because it’s a strong one, a name that reflects our
company values of honesty, transparency, reliability and integrity.

We started Castlerock in 2006. Currently, we support the IT requirements of more than 50 Western Cape companies in these markets:

- Analytical laboratories, water treatment
- Safari Industry and travel
- Electrical distribution
- Trade
- Personal and skills development
- Advertising
- Property development and asset management
- Professional services
- Not-for-profit companies and non-governmental organizations

Entrepreneurs are often advised to base their new business on an unserved market. Our founder, Aidan Casserley, did just that. When local SME owners he knew complained of poor IT support services, he quickly saw a pattern. Regional SME owners needed a reliable, honest and efficient IT solutions provider.

Aidan comes from a family of entrepreneurs and business owners. He wanted to combine his flair for computing and keen business mind to serve local SME owners with the highest-quality IT services.

His goal: zero client attrition. "When we engage with a client," he says, "We want them to be a client for life."

We Use the Latest IT to Deliver Our Services


We started Castlerock with a commitment to use new and established IT to help our clients solve 21st century business problems. We get and stay certified in all the products, technologies and management approaches that give our work a solid technical foundation.

For example, we use LogMeIn and TeamViewer platforms to deliver remote services. Within the Cape Town metro area, our IT staff:

- Takes telephone help desk requests.
- Offers on-site IT support and managed services (physical or call-out, billed out on an ad hoc or retainer basis).
- Provides remote support and managed services via the internet (LogMeIn, TeamViewer, etc.)

Outside the metro area, we work with regional partners to provide remote IT support to clients throughout South Africa.

We Put the Human Element to Work for Your Business

Although we use the best technology available, technology is not all there is to great IT support service. Reliability, responsiveness and straight talk are important, too. So, in each engagement, we'll always:

- Give you the fastest turnarounds possible. We design our processes and services to minimize down-time related business disruption. Our small but flexible teams and lack of red tape ensure quick starts and rapid completion of help desk requests.

- Speak plainly and keep you informed. We'll never leave you the dark about project status or the effectiveness of proposed solutions. We immediately report anything that might require financial or IT-related decision making.And, we also offer optional IT consulting services, which can help you identify problems and make informed decisions about your IT assets.

- Take ownership of everything IT service-related. No need to waste time making sure the job is done right. We watch over your IT infrastructure as if it were our own.

- Provide flexible IT support that's just right for your business. Our operations are big enough to deliver varied services that are "just right." You don't get‐or pay for‐more or less service than you need. But, we're not so large that you get hung up in red tape, either. We'll always respond and finish quickly and give you the respect you deserve.

And, we take the long view. We know that vendors and customers benefit most when work is based on solid, long-term business relationships, not the philosophy of "take the money and run."

Partner Relationships Increase the Value of Our Services

We maintain a network of national brand and IT services partners. We work with Tier 1 technology companies to ensure that we sell only the very best hardware and software. And we extend our onsite IT services beyond the Cape Town area by working with first-class support partners. Our platforms, vendors and partners of choice include Dell, Internet Solutions, EMC, Hetzner and Dyn Inc. to name but a few.

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